Building Operations, Services & Procedures


Office Building Hours:

Monday through Friday7:00 AM to 7:00 PM

Except on building recognized holidays

Property Management Office Hours:

Monday through Friday:8:00 AM to 5:00 PM

Except on building recognized holidays


Uniformed security officers are on duty in the building 24-hours each day.

Business Hours:

Monday through Friday:7:00 AM to 7:00 PM

Except on building recognized holidays

Access cards will be issued to tenants according to lease provisions. Additional access cards may be purchased through the Property Management Office.


Tenants have access to River Point 24 hours a day, 7 days per week with the use of their valid security access cards.

If the tenant does not have their access card, we will verify that information on their driver's license matches the data in our access control system. If we do not find a match, we will call the tenant contact for approval before access is given. If the tenant does not have an access card issued in their name, but has other proof of employment (i.e. business card), the tenant contact will be called for verification and approval.

Tenants are responsible for the security of their individual suite. Security officers are not allowed to open locked doors for any person after working hours unless authorization is obtained from the tenant contact and the Property Management Office.

After-Hour Deliveries

The lobby officer is not authorized to sign for packages or food deliveries and these deliveries will not be allowed past the security console.

If you are expecting an after-hours delivery, please inform the lobby officer with the name and phone number of the individual that will be available to pick-up the delivery when it arrives. Due to liability issues, we cannot sign for packages at the security console.


Building security and the safety of our tenants and visitors is our highest priority. The building security system and procedures have been put in place to maximize personal safety and minimize property damage.

River Point Security Officers are on duty 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The contracted Building Security is responsible for security in the lobbies, dock area and all common areas within the building. Individual tenants of River Point are each responsible for the security of their respective areas and may call upon the Building Security to assist them at any time. Please note that tenants occupying a full floor are responsible for the security of all areas of the respective floor.

Building Security Officers are not armed and are only intended to serve as protection for the building and as a deterrent to crime. Actual enforcement of local laws is the role of the Chicago Police who should be contacted along with the Office of the Building if a crime or situation requiring the use of force occurs.


All routine deliveries to a tenant's leased premises during 6:00 AM to 6:00 PM weekdays shall be made through the freight elevator(s).

Access to the loading dock outside of normal business hours requires coordination through the Property Management Office. Passenger elevators are to be used only for the movement of people (no carts / dollies), unless an exception is approved by the Management Office.

Loading dock access to vendors is first come first serve for 30 minute access periods. Any deliveries requiring longer access window should be coordinated through the Property Management Office.


River Point will be closed on the following holidays:

  • New Year's Day

  • Memorial Day

  • Independence Day

  • Labor Day

  • Thanksgiving Day

  • Christmas Day

In addition, the Property Management office will be closed on:

  • Martin Luther King Jr. Day

  • Good Friday

  • Day After Thanksgiving

Please note that these holidays are subject to change. In addition, access to the Building is open to Tenants and their guests on these dates.

“Official” Building holidays are as stated in lease documents.


All key and lock requests or questions must be sent to the Management Office via email at

Please note that there is a charge for additional keys. If necessary to change lock within tenant space, please contact Building Management at (312) 444-0200 for proprietary keyway requirements.


Please contact the Management Office at (312) 444-0200 to claim or report items that have been lost or found in the buildings.


Solicitation on the premises is not permitted and should be reported immediately to the Property Management Office.


River Point is equipped with three (3) banks of elevators, with a total of 25 passenger elevators for floor access, two (2) elevators for parking garage access, and two (2) freight elevators that service the loading dock. Passenger elevators are fully automatic and are available 24 hours daily for Tenant use.

Elevator service in the building is divided as followed:

Low Rise Bank1, 9-23

Mid Rise Bank1, 23-35

High Rise Bank1, 36-50

Lobby Shuttle / Parking Garage 

Restaurant Shuttle 

Plaza Shuttle 

Riverwalk Shuttle 

Elevator Malfunctions:

In the event that the elevator stops between floors, remember to remain calm.

All of the elevators in the building are equipped with call buttons marked "Alarm" which are located under the rows of floor buttons. Should an elevator malfunction, press the Alarm button. The Alarm button immediately notifies Security of the problem. A Security Guard will be in constant communication with you while the situation is resolved. A full-time elevator mechanic is onsite from 7:00 AM to 3:30 PM, Monday through Friday and will immediately assist in any elevator malfunctions or entrapments.

Freight Elevators:

River Point has two freight elevators located in the service corridor on the west side of the building lobby. Freight elevators are available on a first-come, first-served basis during normal business hours (6:00 AM to 6:00 PM, Monday through Friday), as is the loading dock. Use of the freight elevators for deliveries or moves after normal business hours must be scheduled at least 24 hours in advance with the Office of the Building at (312) 444-0200.

Scheduled use of a freight elevator is required for any deliveries longer than 30 minutes and for tenant office moves. The Office of the Building must be notified of any tenant moving activity, move-ins or move-outs, or any movement within the building which would require the use of the freight elevators. Moves must be conducted on weekends or between the hours of 6:00 PM until 6:00 AM, Monday through Friday.

Freight Elevator Lobbies:

The freight elevator lobbies are not to be used for storage or unwanted items. Additionally, these areas are also part of the primary route of access for emergency personnel and are to be kept clean of trash and debris at all times. Items found in the freight lobbies may be disposed of without notice at Tenant’s cost.


Standard Nightly Services

Offices, restrooms, and public areas are cleaned nightly, five times per week (excluding Holidays), per the Cleaning Specifications noted in your lease. During the day, porter and janitorial service is provided for the restrooms, elevators, elevator lobbies, and general public areas of the building. Any other special cleaning requests or trash removal services will be billed to the tenant on a time and material basis.

Please call or email the Office of the Building to request any additional cleaning services you may require. These additional services are billed to the tenant upon completion of the work. Day porters are not available for large moves during the day.

Large Trash Removal Services

Dumpsters are available from the Office of the Building for large amounts of trash you may wish to remove from your office. Open boxes (20 yard or 30 yard) are also available to tenants for removal of large items such as desks, file cabinets, etc. A request submitted in advance to schedule use of an open box. A charge is assessed to the tenant for dumpster pickups. A charge is also assessed for open box usage. Please call the Office of the Building for rate information.

Small Trash Removal Services

When tenants are looking to throw away small packages and boxes they should clearly be marked with orange “Please Throw Out” stickers to avoid any misunderstanding. These stickers can be provided to the tenant by calling the Office of the Building.

If trash is excessive it will be billed back to the tenant for cleaning staff’s time.


If the temperature in your office needs adjustment, please contact the Property Management Office. Your call will be referred immediately to engineering personnel.

The standard Building hours of operation for heating and air conditioning in the Building common areas and service corridors are as follows:

Monday through Friday7:00 AM to 7:00 PM

Saturday9:00 AM to 4:00 PM



Special arrangements should be made for any HVAC needed outside of those hours.

Overtime HVAC Requests:

When air conditioning or heating is required during outside normal business hours, the following procedures should be followed to request overtime HVAC (or as per the procedures stated in your lease). The cost will be at the then current rate per hour per the tenant’s lease. Requests will only be taken by authorized tenant contacts.

When requesting overtime HVAC, be prepared to give the following information:

  • Tenant name

  • Your first and last name

  • Building and floor location

  • In the description field enter the time on and time off (must use "a.m." and "p.m.")


The loading dock is located on Canal Street north of Lake Street along the west side of the building and operates from 6:00 a.m. until 6:00 p.m., Monday through Friday.

The Office of the Building needs to be notified of any deliveries (excluding courier services) being made through the dock. Requests need to be emailed to Building Management via email at

Only when the request has been received will it be entered into our building calendar. All vendors that come into the building to make a delivery need to have a certificate of insurance on file that meets the Office of the Building requirements before making the delivery.

Deliveries during normal business hours are restricted to one-half hour in the dock. Any deliveries requiring more than one-half hour will need to be scheduled after normal business hours. To schedule time in the dock before or after normal business hours, please contact the Office of the Building at (312) 444-0200.

The loading dock provides access for 40-foot wheel base trailers and has seven bays open for freight delivery and two bays for roll-off trash containers. There are steel roll-up doors for each of the loading docks with a 14’ clearance.


IMG has been contracted to maintain all telephone risers and satellite closets along with the base building Netpop. This means that this is a “closed building” and IMG is the only vendor that can extend circuits through the riser closet and will be the primary contact in providing your communication / network needs. IMG will identify and maintain all existing cabling in the closets, catalog all connections from the closets to the tenant suite, remove any cabling not in use, and provide a single point of contact.

If you have any questions, or require access to the closets, or are in a communication emergency, please call IMG at (312) 275-8200 or the Office of the Building at (312) 444-0200.

Please contact the Property Management Office for a current list of telecommunications providers.


Inbound USPS Mail:

The US Postal Mail is delivered to the building Mail Sort Office by the Post Office at approximately 10am Monday through Friday. The mail is sorted and delivered to the tenants by 11:30am.

Outbound USPS Mail:

The buildings Messenger/Mail Sort Team makes frequent trips throughout the building to pickup and deliver messenger packages. We also, operate a US Mail route where we pickup outgoing mail starting at approximately 3:30pm. Our staff will stop in every tenant’s suite to pick up that tenants outbound U.S. Postal Mail. Additionally, a tenant can call the Messenger/Mail Office at anytime to request a mail pickup. Our messenger provider picks up the mail from our dock between 5-6pm and delivers it to the main post office in time for that day’s mail sort.

Additional Services Available:

If a tenants business is reliant on an earlier US Postal Mail delivery, our team can assist by helping your organization enroll in the Post Offices' Caller Service Program which will have your mail set aside from the main postal route - making it available for a messenger provider to pick it up at 8am and delivered to your suite by 9:15am. Your organization will need to pay the Post Office an annual fee of $1,190.00. The buildings messenger delivers your mail to the building at no additional charge to you.