Tenant agrees to conduct the event in a manner appropriate for the first-class nature of the Building. Tenant assumes full responsibility for the conduct of any of its agents , employees , contractors , guests or invitees . Owner and its agents reserve the right to deny admittance to the Building, the conference facilities or other facilities for any reason whatsoever. Tenant and its agents , employees, guests and invitees shall abide by all reasonable rules and regulations promulgated by Landlord from time to time. Tenant is responsible for any damage to room and/or equipment and for the return of all equipment provided. Tenant is responsible for setting up and removing all items which are not the property of the Building. Owner may require different or additional insurance, depending on the nature of the use or if alcohol will be present. All indemnific ation, insurance, limitations on liability, and waiver of subrogation provisions set forth in Tenant’s lease shall be applicable to both the event and Tenant’s use of the conference facilities , as if the same was a portion of Tenant’s leased premises .