River Point Park

The plaza and riverwalk will be River Point's contribution to the City of Chicago's revived dedication to creating an imaginative green space along the Chicago River. The plaza, designed by world-renowned landscape architect, The Office of James Burnett, will be the largest riverfront park in downtown Chicago and will feature extensive seating, native and botanical gardens and public art to create a unique and exciting new addition to the Chicago Riverfront.


  • 1.5 acre public park
  • 560 linear feet of new riverwalk
  • Extensive seating areas on plaza and river levels
  • Access from multiple points on Lake Street and from Canal Street
  • Use of rainwater harvesting for irrigation


  • Botanical gardens
  • Native planting similar to Lurie Gardens
  • Extensive green lawn space
  • Multiple tree varietals surrounding the site
  • Green wall along the riverwalk


  • Collaboration with the City of Chicago
  • Unique, artistic sound walls at north end